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2017 Expansion

With the commissioning of the new, additional groupage handling hall and for the expansion of long-distance cargo transport - both nationally and internationally - in October 2017, Marco Butter was recruited as a further managing director.

2014 Sole responsibility reassumed

When Klaus-Peter Mergenthal retired as the managing director, Andreas Krüger, the sole proprietor, reassumed exclusive responsibility for operational business. At both locations, the company is, in addition to its nationwide and Europe-wide regular and system transport services, now able to deliver extensive logistics services; it was also quick to recognise such developments in the sector as the organisation and processing of ‘e-Commerce transactions’ for its broad range of customers as well as ‘green logistics’.

2001 New managing director

Klaus-Peter Mergenthal was responsible for operational business as the managing director from 2001 to 2014.
It was during this period that the international side of the range of services that had been developed by Andreas Krüger was greatly expanded with the consequence that the Europe-wide regular and system transport services grew rapidly and air-and-sea freight activities increased. Such additional logistics services as warehousing, picking, overseas packaging, fulfilment services and similar solutions were added to the company's portfolio of services.

1987 The third generation

Andreas Krüger has been the sole proprietor in the third generation since 1987 and has developed operations away from traditional freight forwarding by truck towards a highly efficient freight and logistics company that offers a broad range of services.

1948 New establishment

The company was re-established at Imbshausen near Northeim in 1948; it subsequently relocated its operations to Göttingen in 1951. The first parcel of land was acquired at Industriestrasse 10 in 1959. Horst and Werner Krüger, the founder's sons, took over the father's company in 1972. Unfortunately, Werner Krüger died at a young age in 1977. Horst Krüger laid the foundation stone for a modern business with the completion in 1980 of the first phase of the modern forwarding centre at the present-day location.

1929 Establishment

The company was established in Pomerania by Werner Krüger in 1929. He was forced to close down his business in 1940 as a consequence of his vehicles being requisitioned for the war effort.

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